Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How To Make A Christmas Pudding - An uninstructional Guide, Part: 1

I will teach you to make a traditional English Hamiltonian Christmas pudding.

Step OneMix raisins, currants, sultanas, mixed fruit, and lemon and Orange rinds. It should be about 800 g, but who the fuck knows I don't own a scale.

Step Two: Add juice of said orange and lemon. Mix in 30 mL of rum you borrowed from your sister (she may add more if you're going to share the pudding with her) and you carried home in a used Pepsi bottle. Also add 125 mL of overpriced brown ale you've had in your fridge forever because you've been saving it for a special occasion which never came.

Step ThreeCover and place in fridge overnight next to your expired tofu and the mac n' cheese you've been living off of for the last three days.
(Becel and heart health do not endorse this blog)

Step FourDrink the rest of your overpriced ale, you goddamned hipster!

Continued in page in next post...

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