Thursday, 19 December 2013

How To Make A Christmas Pudding - An Uninstructional Guide, Part π

So now we start cooking this cake... or whatever.

Remember last time when I said to start boiling a tea towel? No? Well I did, so do it.

(This does not have to be done on a dirty stove, this is just my preference.)

Step Whatever?: Dust the tea towel with flour and place the cat vomit pudding mix on the towel. Wrap the towel tightly around the pudding mixture and place it in a steaming apparatus.

Step The Next: Steam for Eight Hours while you watch Farscape... I guess you could watch something else, but this is what I'm watching and it didn't have any negative effect on the process.

(I cobbled my apparatus from a poorly engineered steamer)

Step Almost There: Unwrap the tea towel and allow the pudding to dry slightly. Place on a clean, dry tea towel and re wrap. Hang it in a cool dry place for a day. The original recipe claims it can store for something like a month or two - I can't remember exactly - but I'm really not willing to try, what with botulism being a thing that exists.

When you're ready to eat it, boil for Two and a Half Hours then serve. Don't forget to pour Brandy over it and light it on fire. Otherwise, what's the point?

Note: If you want to know the imperial measurements, learn the metric system. This isn't the eighteenth century.

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